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Proudly independent Driving Instructor, offering driving lessons in Milton Keynes & Bletchley, just me, my car and my extensive local knowledge and experience. I`ll be your teacher, motivator and agony aunt if things get difficult, helping you realise your goal to PASS!  the PRACTICAL DRIVING TEST. Every lesson will be with ME, not a different Instructor each week.

Approved Driving Instructor’s are tested by the DVSA  and are graded A or B the best being A, Im a grade A instructor  as of the 3rd of August 2017, before that I was a grade 5 (4-6) 69% where grade 4 the best where grade 5 or 6.

I’m a GRADE A, awarded for the quality of my tuition. New Instructors are ungraded, Provisional Driving Instructor (Learners) display a Pink Triangular What GRADE is your instructor going to be for Milton Keynes?

AJ had driving lessons in milton keynes

I can not recommend Mike enough. I was nervous about driving but Mike makes the lessons so relaxed and enjoyable that I actually looked forward to them. he is very thorough, patient & professional and I am really glad I chose him to have my driving lessons in Milton Keynes, thank you so much. A great driving Instructor in Milton Keynes !”

Foreign driving lessons in milton keynes

Foreign licence holders


I am also experienced in helping those with foreign driving licences pass the UK Practical Driving Test. Using 3D models and graphics to help those whose natural language is not English.


Ramtin, had driving lessons in milton keynes with drivemkRamtin, foreign licence to UK

Mike is a fantastic driving instructor. He is very well organised and patient. He always takes notes of your weaknesses and strengths. This means you will always learn new things in each driving session. Mike has a lot of experiences and he knows all the test routes. If you practice with him you would remove any surprise elements from your driving test. He teaches very useful strategies for manoeuvres which I found them very helpful. Most importantly he has a very pleasant attitude. I highly recommend Mike if you are looking for an excellent instructor and also value for your money.Disqualified driver

James, Passed extended test for being disqualified

Cameras shy due to previous convictions.

Great Instructor! Identified my strengths and weaknesses in the first hour and just focused on my weaknesses. Repeatedly picked on my bad habits till I was driving like I was ready for my test. Explained why I should do every thing he said and the dangers of not doing it. Now I got my licence back will definitely keep the doing the stuff he taught me. Passed my extended 70 minute test with one minor!”

Adam had driving lessons in milton keynes with drivemkAdam, Passed 9th October

A week before my test he has offered to do extra lessons on weekend (days he is generally off)

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money back guaranteed driving lessons in milton keynesIf you are not happy with your driving lesson, Ill give you your money back. Please call for terms & conditions

nikita had driving lessons in milton keynes with drivemkNikita, Passed only 2 minors

“Mike has been an amazing instructor and has the patients of a saint!

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Driving instructor in milton keynesMike Ward

Approved Driving Instructor, owner of DriveMK


Without Mike I would not have been able to PASS! He was helpful and flexible to give me the extra lessons when I needed them. I will be recommending my sister to learn with him as well.

Nyasha PASSED April December 1, 2015

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