Forward into a bay


Forward into a Bay

Bay Park

You will have been asked to drive forward into a bay at a public car park. Be aware off any directional signs on entering, some car parks are one direction only.

Put your window down (allows you to hear other approaching cars better)

  1. Upon entering the car park look for the easiest bay to park in.
  2. Get the car as faraway from the bay you have selected, but parallel to the bays.
  3. Line the car up with the bottle holder in the middle of the bay before the bay you want to drive into.
  4. Observation, if its safe move off, dive forward slowly turning the steering wheel quickly to the left or right depending whats required until you are in between the lines and parallel. Remember you can go over the white lines.
  5. When the car is in the bay and parallel straighten up the wheel. Stop before going into the bay in front.
  6. If the examiner asks you if you are happy, he is not, fix it. remember observations first.
  7. Next you have to reverse out, remember any directional signs you may have seen entering the car park.
  8. Quick observation all the way round
  9. Reverse the car out of the bay, without going into the bay behind you.
  10. Drive out the car park


Key points


    • You must end up between the white lines and reasonable parallel
    • You must make AFFECTIVE observation all through the manoeuvre
    • You must STOP if something enter your safety bubble
    • Stalling is not a failure
    • Not getting it correct first time is not a failure
    • Move car SLOWLY